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NCD’s Top of Americans Heath Concern

June 6, 2013


Are most Americans pursuing a healthy lifestyle due to health concerns? A recent study done in the USA showed that middle-income earners main health concern is non-communicable diseases.(NCD”s). NCD’s are cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and respiratory diseases. Partcipants of the survey were 1001 Americans age 30-66 with an annual income of $35,000-$99,999. Both men […]

Lack Of Physical Activity Bad For Sperm

February 15, 2013


Being physically active has many health benefits and lack of it can cause many health problems. Lack of physical activity is associated with non-communicable diseases; it is a health risk factor for cancer, heart disease, strokes and respiratory problems. Lack of physical activity contributes to overweight and obesity, to lose weight and keep it off […]

Unhealthy Eating Linked to Prostate Cancer

February 8, 2013


Unhealthy  eating is  known to be a major risk factor for n0n-communicable diseases such as cancer.  A recent study supports this fact when it linked fried foods to increased risk for prostate cancer. The participants of the study were: 1500 men diagnosed with prostate cancer 1500 without prostate cancer There ages were 35-74 years. For […]

Overweight/Obese Men- Aggressive Prostate Cancer

November 7, 2012


Overweight/obesity is a risk factor for many diseases including some cancers. Thanks to public health awareness and education more people are becoming aware of the need to have a healthy weight to prevent such diseases and premature deaths. Both men and women are encouraged to maintain a healthy weight, they are equally affected. Researchers believe […]

Treats That Can Reduce Your Blood Pressure

May 12, 2012


High blood pressure called hypertension is a secondary health risk factor for cardiovascular disease and premature death.  As a secondary risk factor it can be prevented by removing the primary ones. A normal blood Pressure(BP) is less than 80/120.  If your BP is 80/120 or higher you are at risk for hypertension, it is called prehypertension. High […]

Unhealthy Eating Habits May affect Sperm Quality

November 7, 2011


According to a recent study a healthy diet produces healthy sperms. In one study involving 18-22 year olds, researchers used factor analysis and identifid the participants diets as two types. In one group participants ate a western diet of high intake of red meat and refined grain. A second group ate a prudent diet of […]

Some Ways to Reach A Healthy Weight

July 21, 2011


So you plan to lose weight. You know your body mass index,you also know how much weight you need to lose. If you are motivated to lose it and keep it off here are some ways to do it. The article is fron the USNews & World, I want to share it with you. The […]

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