Using Physical Activity To Lose Weight

Posted on July 30, 2012


Losing weight involves both the calories consumed and the calories used, It involves the calories consumed through food and drink and physical activity on a daily basis.

It means balancing the two, it means burning more calories than you consume.

A certain amount of exercise is required by all, including those on a weight management program. This is recommended to promote health and prevent diseases.

It is important that those who plan to lose weight and keep it off master this amount and intensity of exercise to start .

How long it will take to do so, depends on their existing activity level.

The experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobics such as brisk walking or casual biking each week. An alternative to this is 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity each week.

Those persons who start on a weight loss plan must start gradually and build up to one of these before moving on to other exercise.

Some people may lose their desired weight on this level of activity and calorie control, others may not.

If after mastering this level of physical activity, and controling calories, you still haven’t achieved the desired weight loss you can do more.

A realistic loss is 5%-10% of body weight.

You can do, for example 200 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobics per week instead of 150 minutes. You can add more vigorous such as cycling, jogging, running and swimming.
Keeping physically active
There are sedentary lifestyle modifiers that can become part of any daily physical activity routine, they involve little extra time, they are actions like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

They are actions that can be taken to replace sitting time with activity time. Check them out.
Sedentary Lifestyle modifiers.

The Center for Disease Control(CDC)describes the intensities of physical activity to help you monitor your exercise routine.

To learn about moderate-intensity and vigorous-intensity exercise for losing weight.
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