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Mammograms Could Be Harmful

November 30, 2013


When it comes to developing diseases such as breast cancer, prevention is always better than cure. For this, developing a healthy lifestyle early in life is one’s best health insurance. Screening for diseases is a good intervention but healthy habits are key. According to a research study mammograms on young women who are BRCA mutation […]

NCD’s Top of Americans Heath Concern

June 6, 2013


Are most Americans pursuing a healthy lifestyle due to health concerns? A recent study done in the USA showed that middle-income earners main health concern is non-communicable diseases.(NCD”s). NCD’s are cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and respiratory diseases. Partcipants of the survey were 1001 Americans age 30-66 with an annual income of $35,000-$99,999. Both men […]

Fruits and Vegetables Good for Long-Term Weight Loss

September 7, 2012


  Successful weight loss is a long-term commitment; the health benefits are many. Quick fixes on the other hand are not usually successful. Due to the short-term goals involved, keeping weight off is difficult. Vegetables & fruits are important food products for good health, they are the best foods for anyone serious about losing weight […]

Moderate Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risks

July 7, 2012


Exercise is well known as a preventative measure against cancer and other non-communicable diseases. The amount of physical actvitiy recommended by experts for all is 150 hours per week of moderate intensity aerobics such as brisk walking. Other more vigorous exercise such as running, jogging, cycling, swimming have added health benefits. Another study has linked […]

Treats That Can Reduce Your Blood Pressure

May 12, 2012


High blood pressure called hypertension is a secondary health risk factor for cardiovascular disease and premature death.  As a secondary risk factor it can be prevented by removing the primary ones. A normal blood Pressure(BP) is less than 80/120.  If your BP is 80/120 or higher you are at risk for hypertension, it is called prehypertension. High […]

Childhood Obesity Linked To Air Pollution

April 18, 2012


An unhealthy diet and physical inactivity are two known risk factors for childhood obesity, but a recent study has linked it to maternal exposure to high levels of air pollution during pregnancy. The study was done in New York City and involved 702 non-smoking pregnant women. They were age 18-35 African-American or Dominican. In their […]

Mom’s Obesity Increases Chances of Autism

April 12, 2012


There is another good reason for couples who are family planning to include weight control in their plans. Obesity in pregnancy has been linked to many maternal illnesses, stillbirth and birth deffects, but a recent study links it to autism. The study does not prove mom’s obesity in pregnancy causes autism, but that it increases […]

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