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Fish In The Diet May Prevent Kidney Disease

July 22, 2013


 A British study found that eating  fish twice a week can prevent kidney disease.  Nutritional experts also recommend two servings per week for healthy eating. For the study, researchers analysed 22,000 adults including 517 diabetics.  Using a dietary and lifestyle questionnaire participants were asked about their fish consumption habits. The Result: –The researchers found that people with diabetes […]

Processed Meat-Increased Risk For CVD & Cancer

April 16, 2013


For healthy eating, Canada Food Guide uses a rainbow to illustrate the importance of each food group.  The food group that is least important to a healthy eating pattern is ‘meat.’ There is a good reason for identifying this food group as not being important as the others; there are limits to its daily use. […]

Starting On A Weight Loss Diet

March 17, 2013


Preparing to go on a weight loss diet is an important step in your weight loss journey. You should prepare as you would for any important event. Just placing yourself on a weight loss diet wouldn’t do it.There are certain steps that must be taken to ensure success and long-term commitment. Start by assessing your weight health, […]

Are You Losing Weight With Your Workout?

February 28, 2013


If your workout isn’t working to reduce weight, there may a good reason. If you didn’t lose weight after all the exercising, it could be due to your diet/exercise combination. If  you burn  calories during your workout, but consume calories after your workout you may be simply be replacing the  calories burnt. To lose weight […]

Eating To Lose Weight

February 24, 2013


You decided to lose some weight and you know that what you eat affects your weight.  The first thing that comes to mind is eating less food, so you start by cutting down on the amount of food you eat. The risks involved with this approach to starting a weight loss diet are: 1- An […]

Unhealthy Eating Linked to Prostate Cancer

February 8, 2013


Unhealthy  eating is  known to be a major risk factor for n0n-communicable diseases such as cancer.  A recent study supports this fact when it linked fried foods to increased risk for prostate cancer. The participants of the study were: 1500 men diagnosed with prostate cancer 1500 without prostate cancer There ages were 35-74 years. For […]

Cholesterol And Your Health

January 16, 2013


There are two types of cholesterol, one is bad and one is good. Good cholesterol is called High density (HDL) and bad cholesterol is called low density(LDL). By knowing the facts about cholesterol one can make informed decisions about their general and heart health. By knowing the important facts one can take steps to avoid […]

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