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Mom’s Obesity Increases Chances of Autism

April 12, 2012


There is another good reason for couples who are family planning to include weight control in their plans. Obesity in pregnancy has been linked to many maternal illnesses, stillbirth and birth deffects, but a recent study links it to autism. The study does not prove mom’s obesity in pregnancy causes autism, but that it increases […]

Exposure To Molds In infancy Can Cause Childhood Asthma

August 24, 2011


According to a recent research study, infants’ exposure to molds play a role in childhood asthma. Researchers analyzed data over 7 years on 176 children. It was an allergy and air pollution study using the environmental relative moldiness index (ERMI). RESULT– According to the report, 31 of the 176 children were asthmatic at age 7. […]

Air Pollution and Asthma: 4 Ways to Stay Safe on ‘Ozone-Alert’ Days – US News and World Report

June 14, 2010


Air Pollution and Asthma: 4 Ways to Stay Safe on ‘Ozone-Alert’ Days – US News and World Report. Here are the four ways  advised the report: Try to stay indoors on ozone alert day Keep medication on hand  Stay hydrated Consider using an allergy face mask  when doing outdoor work Read their report above for more […]

Have You Got Unexplained Pain?

June 5, 2010


If you’ve got chronic pain that cannot be explained, it can be  because of fibromyalgia, but it can be one of many other health problems. A new series of questions using cognitive function can lead to accurately diagnosing fibromyalgia. Have Unexplained Pain? These Questions Could Lead to a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis – US News and World […]

Avoiding Dairy Products Due To Lactose Intolerance May Be Unnecessary

March 6, 2010


People who believe that they have an intolerance to lactose are warned about going overboard by avoiding dairy products altogether. According to experts at the National Institutes of  Health,  eliminating dairy products could impact on diet and health and it may not be necessary at all. Researchers examined findings on lactose intolerance and strategies to manage […]

Allergy To Peanuts May Be Cured By Peanuts

February 27, 2010


Children who are allergic to peanuts may find a cure in peanuts themselves. A previous pilot study showed that 21 out of 23 kids were effectively desensetized to peanuts by giving then increasing small doses of peanuts. A new study is on the way with 104 British children aged 7-17 who are suffering from peanut […]

Study Finds 1:3 People Likely To Get Asthma

February 19, 2010


According to a recent study 1:3 people can expect to develop asthma at some point in their lives. Researchers examined the medical histories of 9, 041, 085 patients over a 16 year period. Data was collected between 1991 and 2007. They found that the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with asthma  is 33.9%.  It is […]

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