Mammograms Could Be Harmful

Posted on November 30, 2013


When it comes to developing diseases such as breast cancer, prevention is always better than cure. For this, developing a healthy lifestyle early in life is one’s best health insurance. Screening for diseases is a good intervention but healthy habits are key.

According to a research study mammograms on young women who are BRCA mutation carriers may cause more harm than good. They are better waiting until they are  older.

Many young women develop breast cancer early, some of them are mutation carriers.  Mutation carriers are at increased risk for developing breast cancer, so mammograms starting as early as 25-29 years of age are recommended to screen for early detection.

A research involving 22 studies and 8,139 participants showed the risk of radiation-induced breast cancer is greater in this young age group. Researchers found annual mammograms in 25-29 year olds carried a lifetime risk of breast cancer due to radiation in 26: 10,000 women.

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