Lack Of Physical Activity Bad For Sperm

Posted on February 15, 2013


Being physically active has many health benefits and lack of it can cause many health problems.

Lack of physical activity is associated with non-communicable diseases; it is a health risk factor for cancer, heart disease, strokes and respiratory problems.

Lack of physical activity contributes to overweight and obesity, to lose weight and keep it off  regular exercise is necessary.

According to a recent research study lack of physical activity can also affect male sexual health. The study found than men who were physically inactive had lower sperm concentration.

The Study

Participants of the study were 189 healthy men 18-22 years,  they were interviewed about how often they engaged in physical activity  and how intense.  They were asked to record time spent watching TV.

Semen samples were collected, and semen were analyzed  for:

  • Semen size
  • Semen shape
  • Motility
  • Total count
  • Sperm concentration

The men who engaged in regular exercise had higher sperm concentration than those who didn’t and the difference was significant. The men who watched TV for 20 or more hours per week had 1/2 the sperm count as those who watched no TV.

Read details about the study

Watching TV for more than two hours per day is associated with cardiovascular diseases, child and adolescent obesity. The recommended physical activity for general health and vitality is 150 minutes of moderate -intensity per week. More is better.