Unhealthy Eating Habits May affect Sperm Quality

Posted on November 7, 2011


According to a recent study a healthy diet produces healthy sperms.

In one study involving 18-22 year olds, researchers used factor analysis and identifid the participants diets as two types.

In one group participants ate a western diet of high intake of red meat and refined grain.

A second group ate a prudent diet of high intake of fish, vegetables and whole grain.

Researchers found the prudent diet to be associated with higher sperm motility.

In another study, men attending a fertility center completed food journals and underwent semen analysis.
Researchers found that a diet high in trans fat was negatively associated with sperm concentration.

Based on the findings researchers are continiuing to explore the impact of nutrition on male fertility.

Men, as it is with women, must include healthy eating in family planning.