Treats That Can Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Posted on May 12, 2012


High blood pressure called hypertension is a secondary health risk factor for cardiovascular disease and premature death.  As a secondary risk factor it can be prevented by removing the primary ones.

A normal blood Pressure(BP) is less than 80/120.

 If your BP is 80/120 or higher you are at risk for hypertension, it is called prehypertension.

High blood pressure is diagnosed as 140/90 or higher.

Blood pressure also rises as people get older making age an unavoidable risk factor for hypertension.

This article by two doctors, gives some tips on using treats to keep the numbers down.

Purple potatoes- These spuds lower your numbers by 4%.

Raisins- They lower by 5-10%.

Pumpkin seeds, cashew and walnuts lower the top number by 3-4 points and the bottom by 2-3.

Greek yogurt, left over roast chicken, smoked salmon and nuts will lower the top number by 5 points and the bottom by1.

Dark chocolate will lowers the numbers by 5 points.

Here is the article to read:–treats-that-smack-down-high-blood-pressure.

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