Does Cesarean Section Play A Role In Obesity?

Posted on May 20, 2011



Researchers found a link between cesarean sections and obesity.

The study was conducted in Brazil and found that 15% of babies delivered by cesarean section were obese adults compared to 10% of those delivered vaginally. More than 2,000 23-25 year olds were involved in the study.

Some experts believe that babies born by cesarean section are not exposed to beneficial bacteria in the birth canal and that it may account for the low bifidobacteria necessary to regulate metabolism.

The study didn’t take into account maternal obesity and morbidity nor infant feeding but took into account heavier birth weight, income and education.

Some other reasons that could to explain a link betweeen cesarean section and obesity are:
1-A large baby is likely to be an obese child and adult, and may demand cesarean section if labour is obstructed.
2- Babies born by cesarean sections are more likley to be formula fed than breast fed. Other research studies have reported that breastfeeding prevents childhod obesity.

More studies will have to be done to determine whether cesarean sections play a role. This study didn’t prove that cesarean section is a risk factor for adult obesity.