Watching TV Can Be Bad For Your Health

Posted on October 10, 2013


Physical activity may be more important than you think.  For example. even if you work out at the gym several times a week, your health is still at risk if the rest of your day is spent watching TV.

According to a research study. every hour spent watching  television puts you at risk for heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

Researchers monitored 8.800 adults for six years. They found that each hour spent  watching TV increases the risks of:

  •  Morbidity by 11%
  • Cancer by 9 %
  • Cardiovascular disease by 18%

It made no difference whether the person is of a healthy body weight or obese.

Read what researchers had to say.

At the workplace those who  sit for long periods, put their health at risk for non-communicable diseases, obesity and obesity related illnesses.  On return home watching TV for two hours or more increases their chances of dying prematurely.

Overweight people  who watch TV for two or more hours per day are especially at risk they can put on the pounds quite easily.

Here are some ways to reduce your sitting time at home and at work without giving up those cherished habits. Click here to see them.