Elevated Blood Pressure- A Risk For Dementia

Posted on September 30, 2013


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Researchers have  found another good reason for preventing high blood pressure, they believe that low blood pressure may be the answer to preventing dementia.

Scarring known as white matter lesions were found in the brains of women with high blood pressure.  According to the  experts white matter acts as the brain telephone network,  but  a slightly raised blood pressure can damage the vessels that nourish it.

Researchers studied 1,403 women 65 years and older. They participated in a memory initiative that tracked post-menopausal health. They found that 8 years later those with high blood pressure had much more scarring .
The  higher the blood pressure the higher the volume  of white matter damage.

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Ways to Keep Your Blood Pressure Down

  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Limit salt intake 1 teaspoon per day is recommended
  • Avoid trans fat and limit saturated fat
  • Keep physically active -150 minutes of moderate-intensity per week
  • Maintain a healthy weight- a body mass index of 18-24.9 is healthy
  • Know your blood pressure numbers

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