Healthcare Online- An Emerging Trend

Posted on September 1, 2013


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They are called  ‘e-Patients,’ people like you and I who use the Internet to manage their health online

According to a survey, people who search online for health information, do so to:

  • Seek  health information
  • Make informed decisons
  • Access health services and resources

In the last twenty years there has been a surge in health information websites, with information from the common cold to cancer and heart disease.

Health education online and not just information is taking health care to a new level.  Health information obtained online is doing more than informing. it is being used to teach, coach and prepare individuals to be expert in their own health. This is accomplished by self-care at home to prevent disease.

According to researchers 61%  of women and 47% of men turn to the Internet for health information.  It would therefore,  make sense that health care begins there.

This blog like many other websites is a reflection of health education online, places where people can learn to take care of their health at home.

Individuals are no longer waiting for symptoms of disease to develop or a physician’s appointment to be health conscious.  More and more people are turning to lifestyle changes for their health care. The Internet is the place where they go to implement and maintain it.

Here is one example  of online health education, this  program prepares people to take care of their health at home.  Click here to view.

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