Fish In The Diet May Prevent Kidney Disease

Posted on July 22, 2013


 A British study found that eating  fish twice a week can prevent kidney disease.  Nutritional experts also recommend two servings per week for healthy eating.

For the study, researchers analysed 22,000 adults including 517 diabetics.  Using a dietary and lifestyle questionnaire participants were asked about their fish consumption habits.

The Result: –The researchers found that people with diabetes who ate less than one serving of fish a week were more likely to have protein in their urine.  Protein in the urine is a first sign of kidney disease.

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Fish is in the food group ‘ Meat & Meat Alternatives;’  although this is the least important of the four food groups, products such as fish play an important role.

My healthy eating guide is based on Canada Food Guide, it is a simple guide that anyone can  use to work out his/her daily nutritional requirements.  Click here to work out yours.