Exercise May Reduce Anger InOverweight Children

Posted on June 30, 2013


There are many health benefits for children who exercise regularly, benefits such as better health and the prevention of obesity. It has also been associated with reducing aggression and anxiety.

A study done  at the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine has shown that it reduces anger in overweight, but otherwise healthy children.

For the study the researchers looked at 208 typically sedentary children between the age of 7 and 11. The children either.

1. Participated in a 10-15 week after school aerobic exercise program or
2. They maintained their usual inactive routine.

The result: They found that exercise had a significant effect on anger expression, indicating that aerobic exercise is helpful in reducing anger expression and aggressive behaviour in overweight kids. The findings appear to apply to all children regardless of race, gender body weight or fitness level.

Exercise has been known for some time to help adults manage anger.

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Medical experts recommend 60 minutes of physical activity for children to maintain good health and to prevent childhood obesity. The recommendation for adults is 150 hours per week of moderate-intensity aerobics.