Sitting Too Much Is Bad For Everyone

Posted on April 2, 2013


Whether you are fat, thin or normal weight too much sitting puts your health at risk.

People who sit for long periods and are inactive  are at risk for chronic diseases;  they recover slowly from existing illnesses.

Being physically inactive; however  is often associated with obese and overweight people, labeling them as unhealthy couch potatoes

Medical experts, heart, strokes and cancer associations have all agreed that 150 minutes spent walking each week is necessary to prevent non-communicable diseases.  This recommendation is for everyone and not just for those who are overweight.

Even if you are a healthy body weight, sitting for long periods watching TV can still have an unhealthy effect on your blood sugar and fats.

According to a research study. every hour spent watching  television puts you at risk for heart disease, cancer and other diseases.

Researchers monitored 8.800 adults for a period of six years.  They found that each hour spent  watching TV increases the risks of:

  •  Morbidity by 11%
  • Cancer by 9 %
  • Cardiovascular disease by 18%

It made no difference whether the person is of a healthy body weight or obese.

Read what researchers had to say.

One can reduce the amount of sitting time by watching TV while standing.

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