Starting On A Weight Loss Diet

Posted on March 17, 2013



Preparing to go on a weight loss diet is an important step in your weight loss journey. You should prepare as you would for any important event.

Just placing yourself on a weight loss diet wouldn’t do it.There are certain steps that must be taken to ensure success and long-term commitment.

Start by assessing your weight health, this is done by calculating your body mass index(BMI). Don’t do it unless you are sure you are overweight. You don’t want to lose weight if you are underweight or of a normal one.

If your BMI is 25 or over, proceed with your plans.

You must know your eating habits before eating less or more of anything.  Keep a record of everything you eat and drink for a few days, hand written notes will do.

 Next-You need to get to know what your individual daily food requirements are, what is recommended.

Then -Compare what your habits have been with what is recommended and modify your habits to  what is recommended.

At this point you know your weight health, you know you are overweight, you know what your eating habits have been and you know the changes you have to make.  Trying to proceed without this knowledge will sabotage your plans to lose weight, you may not be on a weight loss diet at all.

The next three steps are crucial, they could either make you or break you, they are

Grocery Cleaning
When you are starting on a weight loss diet, some of the  food products you have on hand may not be suitable. Cleaning out your grocery storage areas will help you remove these products from your eating plan. Cleaning could involve discarding, removing from present location and storing. Products with salt, sugar and fat are to be cleaned up.  Do a grocery cleaning before you start.

Grocery Shopping
You grocery cleaning would set the stage for a healthier, cleaner kitchen. You can then proceed to store the food you need for your diet plan.

Go grocery shopping using a shopping list. The shopping list would exclude the food products you discarded and those that are not for you. You would be shopping for less of certain food products, none of some and more of others.

Work out your daily food requirements ( for your age and gender) first, you may be amazed to know you need less food than you think. No more food is necessary. Put on your shopping list the food products recommended and buy accordingly. In other words you will be buying more of vegetables and fruit than of meat and pasta.

On return from shopping store your products for healthy cooking, placing the more important ones at eye level.

Food preparation
The three enemies of your diet will creep in during preparation. They are salt, sugar and fat. You want to prepare your food with less of them.  You will be buying less of these products and less frequently because you will be using less. You will be preparing meals that require little or none of them.

The following links will help you prepare for a weight loss diet:
Calculate your BMI

Work out your individual food requirements.

Do your grocery cleaning.

Tips For Success
-Start your cleaning at the beginning of the week
-Go grocery shopping on a Wednesday
-Start your diet on a Saturday
-At the grocery  store, start  shopping in the vegetables and fruit aisles
-Read nutrition labels, choose products with less salt, sugar and fat
-If you have to choose between 2 products with the same sugar content, choose the one with more nutritional value

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