Are You Losing Weight With Your Workout?

Posted on February 28, 2013



If your workout isn’t working to reduce weight, there may a good reason.

If you didn’t lose weight after all the exercising, it could be due to your diet/exercise combination.

If  you burn  calories during your workout, but consume calories after your workout you may be simply be replacing the  calories burnt.

To lose weight you must consume less calories than you burn,  to achieve this balance working out alone is not enough. There  must  be calorie control strategy in place; both must be combined.

Helpful Reminders:

  • Diet and exercise must be combined for weight control.
  • There are no quick fixes with successful weight loss
  • Calories count and not just carbohydrates.
  • Include healthy eating

In this article the experts speak out on why  your workout may not be working. The report is on a study done and makes recommendations.

Read what the researchers say

There is an online weight loss program that coaches people to combine healthy eating, calorie control and exercise for successful weight loss.  It is a free program, but long-term commitment is fundamental.

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