Combining Diet and Exercise For Successful Weight Loss

Posted on January 23, 2013


Do you know someone who tried to manage weight gain by watching his/her food intake?  It is sometimes referred to as dieting.

Do you know of someone who tried to lose weight through exercise?

Neither approach to losing weight is wrong, but one approach will not do it. Diet and exercise must be combined for healthy successful weight loss.

Controlling food intake will prevent overeating which is a cause of obesity, exercise will burn calories.  There has to be; however, a balancing of calories eaten and calories burnt. The body must consume less calories than it burns in order to lose weight.

This can only be accomplished by combining both diet and exercise on a daily basis.
The person planning to lose weight and keep it off must plan to do both.


Diet is not just about reducing food intake. it involves healthy eating with calorie control. The term used is ‘diet modification.

determine how much food is consumed.
A person on diet modification to lose weight must know the number of food servings that he requires on a daily basis for healthy eating. he must also be familiar with a serving size.
Once he acquires this knowledge he modifies his diet to eat only what he requires.

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The amount of physical activity  required could vary from one person to another. The recommended for overall health is 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week.

The person planning to lose weight  must master this amount and intensity of physical activity.  He will combine diet modification and 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week.  Example of moderate-intensity  exercise is brisk walking.

Health is about a healthy lifestyle

Some people may not lose weight on his diet and this amount and level of activity, these persons will gradually build up to vigorous-intensity exercise. they will need to work on burning more calories.  Examples of vigorous-intensity exercise are, running, cycling and jogging.

It s important that the individual eats the right food products and the right amount for his age and gender before increasing his exercise.  More food than is necessary can sabotage your  exercise efforts.

A realistic weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week.


  • Start by assessing your weight health
  • Proceed if you are overweight
  • Set a goal to lose 5-10% of your body weight
  • Modify your diet
  • Start slowly and build up to vigorous -intensity
  • Don’t do too much too fast

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