Exercise Prevents Premature Deaths

Posted on November 19, 2012



Regular exercise prevents premature deaths and no one seems to be excluded.

This is good news for overweight people who lost weight and didn’t keep it off or who failed to lose weight. They can still obtain health benefits by continuing with physical activity.

According to a recent study,even overweight peoples’ lives are lengthened with regular physical activity.

The study examined six different studies involving 632,000 participants age 40 years and older. A median follow up period was 10 years.

The study showed that even overweight people add years to their lives with moderate -intensity exercise and that even normal weight people lost years if they didn’t.

An example of moderate-intensity exercise is brisk walking; 150 minutes per week is recommended to prevent non-communicable diseases and to prevent premature death.

Read more on the study.

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