Learn To Lose Weight First

Posted on October 24, 2012

Our ‘Self-Developed Weight Loss Plan’ was designed for the do-it-yourself person who wants to lose weight and keep it off with little or no cost.

It is an instructional program in which the person learns to lose weight and develops a weight loss plan at the same time. The person may or may not lose weight while developing the plan. After completion it becomes a program of his own; he is then ready to start.

A recent study showed that learning to lose weight before going on a weight loss program is more effective in losing weight and keeping it off.

Keeping weight off can be a challenge for the many who succeed in losing weight; many people fail to keep it off.

Some factors such as quick fixes, lack of motivation, unrealistic goals and financial costs can contribute to re-gaining weight.

There are many factors that contribute to losing weight and keeping it off, some of these are:
-Setting long-terms goals
-Making long-term commitments
-Setting realistic goals

At the study researchers wanted to know the reason why many people who lost weight didn’t keep it off.

The study involved 160 overweight and obese women; they were randomly split into two groups.

One group called ‘Weight Loss First’ and the other ‘Maintenance First’.

The ‘Weight Loss First’ group participated in a 20 week behavioural weight loss program first, followed by an 8 week problem solving maintenance program.

The ‘Maintenance First’ group participated in an 8 week stability skills maintenance program first (they were asked not to lose weight), this was followed by the 20 week weight loss program.

For weight maintenance, the researchers focused on confidence and motivation

Both groups lost an average of 16 pounds during the intervention program. After 12 months the ‘Weight Loss First’ group gained back an average of 7 pounds; the ‘Maintenance First’ group gained back only 3 pounds.

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