The Four Food Groups For Healthy Eating

Posted on September 30, 2012


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Unhealthy eating is a risk factor for many chronic diseases and illnesses.

To prevent these diseases and to make satisfactory recovery from illnesses, healthy eating is vital.

For a  healthy eating pattern there are four food groups.

Canada Food Guide  has categorized them as: vegetables & fruit, grain products,  milk & milk alternatives and meat & meat alternatives.

A certain amount of fat is also part of a healthy diet.  Some fats are bad for you, others must be used with caution and some are necessary.

Trans fat must be avoided, saturated fat must be limited and  unsaturated fat will provide you with the fat required.

Can you Identify the four food groups in this image? They are based on Canada Food guide.

These are the four food groups

For a guide to daily food requirements for age and gender, and for  fat requirements: Click Here

For more detailed information on the four food groups and health eating, visit Canada Food Guide

Our health program prepares people to use healthy eating and other risk factors to prevent diseases and to make satisfactory recovery from illness.

For more information on this program: Click Here.