How Smoking Affects The Human Body

Posted on May 31, 2012


Smoking affects many parts of the human body and in many ways.

Smoking causes human health to deteriorate, making it more difficult to recover from an illness.

Tobacco smoke is a pollutant, it produces second-hand smoke and causes air pollution.

Smoking is a leading cause of premature death; infact smoking is a major health risk factor.

These are some of the many ill effects of smoking on a person’s health:
-Smoking is a leading cause of deaths due to cancer.
-Smoking causes neck larynx, lip and mouth cancer.
-Smoking causes, lung, colon and breast cancer.

Smoking is a major health risk factor

Smoking is a major cause of premature death. Tobacco smoke affects the human body in more ways than one.

Other Health Effects:

*Smoking can cause heart attacks, clog arteries and double the risk of a stroke.
*Smoking can lead to beurger disease, gangerene and amputation.
*Smoking can result in the loss of teeth and bad breath.
*Smoking can cause impotence, it can damage sperms and decrease fertility.
*Smoking can cause premature aging of the skin and even blindness.

NB-The photo and reference are from World Health Organization(WHO).

Smoking is an avoidable health risk factor than can be corrected by quitting. It is an important risk factor for non-communicable diseases.