Ontario Health Study To Make A Difference

Posted on March 20, 2012


A health study, soon to start in Canada will be looking at why some people develop disease and not others.

Researchers will be using the data from the study to identify risk factors for diseases; they will be focusing on family history, environment and lifestyle.

Read more about it:

TheSpec – Ontario Health Study will make a difference.

The study is open to residents of Ontario,Canada and will be done online.

Recruitment has already started online.

Researchers expect to identify new risk factors that cause disease.

Some health risk factors already known to cause diseases are the focus of our health program, they are avoidable and can by eliminated by lifestyle changes. they are
2-Unhealthy eating
4-Physical inactivity
5-Air pollution

Participating in our health program prepares consumers to make the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent diseases.

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