Drinking Coffee Health Benefits- How Much Is Safe?

Posted on November 30, 2011


Many research studies have identified health benefits in drinking coffee.
There have been some studies that have linked it to reduced risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer , depression and even alzheimer’s.

Health experts and health departments are calling for caution on its use. They are saying that coffee sold at coffee shops varies on how much caffeine is in a cup and that can be a problem.

They are especially concerned about pregnant women who are advised to reduce theirs.

The advice on how much is safe varies.

Pregnant women are advised to have a maximum of 200mg per day, while for others experts believe 400mg is safe.

Caution should be used in adding sugar, cream and milk to coffee because of the health risks of sugar and fat in the diet.

Coffee without sugar and low fat milk is a healthier choice especially for those who need to watch their weight.

Click Here to read more on the recommended daily limit.

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