Some Signs That Your Diet Is Bad

Posted on October 18, 2011


Orange and dark green vegetablesHealthy eating is necessary for your health and vitality, to prevent diseases, to
aid recovery from an illness and to make quick recovery following surgery.

A diet with lots of vegetables and fruit is recommended, how does you diet measure up?

Here are some signs that your diet may be bad.I want to share them with you,they are from an article in the USNews& World Report.

1-Your diet is too restrictive.
2-Your diet bans certain food groups.
3-Your diet is opposite to what you are eating.
4-Your diet calls for extensive prep work.
5-Your diet comes in a package.
6-Your diet touts a magic bullet.

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There are four food groups for healthy eating. In addition the body needs a certain amount of fat /oil. The amount and type of fat; however, are of equal importance.

All fats are not good, for example trans fat is bad and saturated fat should be limited. We need 35-45 mls of unsaturated fat each day.

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