Harvard Releases Its Own Version of Healthy Eating

Posted on September 23, 2011


Harvards University has unveiled its own version of healthy eating. This is expected to replace the present government’s version of ‘The Pyramid’.

Here is what’s on a plate:
3-Whole grain
4-Healthy protein
5-Use of Healthy oils

It emphazises:
– Drink water, tea and coffee with little or no sugar
– Avoid sugary drinks
– Choose fish poultry, beans and nuts
– Limit red meat
– Limit processed meat

It replaces milk with water and includes a small bottle of oil.

Eggs are apparently no where to be found on the plate and all potatoes are grouped together.

Harvard releases its own version of healthy plate.

Canada Food Guide uses a rainbow to illustrate their ‘ Four Food Groups’ version of healthy eating with emphasis how important each food group is to the healthy plate.

It calls to limit saturated fat, avoid trans fat, limit salt and sugar on the plate.

This Healthy Eating Guide uses Canada Food Guide to assist people in working out a healthy plate. Click Here to view.

You can also learn with step-by step instructions how to develop a healthy plan. Click Here to start.