Some Ways to Reduce Salt From Your Diet

Posted on September 8, 2011


Healthy eating is a key factor in maintaining health and vitality. Healthy eating is a major prevention of diseases and illness. Healthy eating involves a low salt diet, the recommmended being one teaspoon per day.

Here are some simple ways to reduce the amount of salt in your diet to remain healthier.
1-Cook from scratch
– When you opt for packaged food, choose products that are sodium free or low in sodium
– Make smart swaps
– At restaurants, ask for food prepared without added salt
– Avoid instant noodles, pasta, rice and cereals
– Rinse canned foods with a lot of salt before using
– Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
– Check labels before buying and choose food products with the lowest salt content

Read about these 9 surprising ways in more detail.

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