Exposure To Molds In infancy Can Cause Childhood Asthma

Posted on August 24, 2011



According to a recent research study, infants’ exposure to molds play a role in childhood asthma.
Researchers analyzed data over 7 years on 176 children. It was an allergy and air pollution study using the environmental relative moldiness index (ERMI).

RESULT– According to the report, 31 of the 176 children were asthmatic at age 7.

Children living in a high ERMI home at age 1 had twice the risk of developing asthma as children who lived in an ERMI home of less that 5’2. A high ERMI is one with an ERMI value of 5.2 or more.

There was no link between children living in a high ERMI home at age 7 and asthma at age 7.
The findings indicate that exposure to molds in infancy can lead to the disorder in childhood.

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