Bariatric Surgery For Weight Loss

Posted on July 6, 2011



For severely obese persons who have not had success with diet modification, physical activity or other weight loss treatment methods, surgery can be done.

Surgery is recommended as a lifesaving treatment when the health is severely affected or when the weight is at least 100 pounds over what is healthy for that person.

The treatment is called bariatric surgery.It physically restricts the amount of food the person eats.

This article explains what is involved in bariatric surgery. Read the modules for information on:
-What is bariatric surgery
-Who qualifies for briatric surgery
-What can you expect after surgery
-What are the benefits

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For persons who want to lose and control weight with without surgery and with body mass index ( BMI) of 25-35, there is an affordable way to do it.
It is a self-developed plan.