Non-Smokers Mortality Reduced By A Healthy Lifstyle

Posted on April 28, 2011



Smoking is a risk factor for many diseases and premature death and is at the top of the list as a major health risk. There are other risk factors; however, that cause disease and premature deaths.

Smoking cessation can save your life.These risk factors are outlined in our health program for consumer health education.

Researchers wanted to know how other lifestyle good habits, other than not smoking, can impact on disease prevention.
They used prevention guidelines such as:
-Body mass index
-Physical activity
-Alcohol consumption

The participants in the study were 112,000 non-smoking women and men. The diet and lifestyle questionaires were filled out in 1992 and 1993; participants were followed for 14 years.

Those who adhered to the guidelines had a 42% lower risk for death than those who did not comply.
The highly compliant female participants had a 58% lower risk for Cardiovascular deaths and the male a 48% lower risk.

Our newsletter method of study will allow one to develop a healthier lifestyle by adhering to these same guidelines.

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