The Weight is Gone HowTo Keep It Off?

Posted on April 8, 2011



You counted the calories, you’ve lost the weight and its time to keep it off. An important question is how will you fare?
Many people fail to maintain weight loss inspite of hard work.
According to the result of a recent study structured support can improve the odds of maintaining weight loss.
The participants were 1,032 overweight/obese adults with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. They had lost weight using a diet of vegetables, fruit, low-fat dairy products and whole grains.

1-One group was given regular phone and in-person support
2-The second group had unlimited access to website services
3-The third group had no support.

Group number 1 fared best, the group without support fared worst.

Read the report: USNews and World.

Other ways to succeed:
1-Setting realistic goals
2-Long-term commitment to any program
3-Combining diet modification and physical activity.
4-Avoiding quick fixes

There is a website where you can access the resources and tools to succeed by making healthy weight decsions