Fats of the Future is Shaping the Oils of Tomorrow

Posted on March 25, 2011



The role of fats and oils is changing the baking industry. It is a healthy trend given the health risks associated with consuming too much fat or the wrong fats.

Oils producers are stepping up with palm oils to repalce trans fat in food products.
According to the article in Baking Management, there is a drawback to the use of palm oil because it contains 50%saturated fat.

For healthy eating about 3 tablespoons of unsaturated fat is recommended in our diet. This unsaturated fat does not include trans or saturated fat.

Many prepared foods contain saturated fat, consumers are advised to purchase those with the lowest saturated fat content to prevent the risk associated with it.

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Fats of the future | A mixture of health trends, flavor trends and environmental awareness is shaping the oils of tomorrow.

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