Lifestyle Change- How Is It Affecting You?

Posted on January 26, 2011


Lifestyle changes may force one to set goals; however fear, anxiety, anger and stress may become hurdles along the way.

For example:
* You may  be recovering after a lengthy illness
* You may be recovering after surgery
* You may have just discovered you are at risk for cancer.
* Your are overweight and any more may cost you your life
* Your cholesterol is high and you are hypertensive.

* You’ve just learnt that reducing risk factors could prevent diseases.

The point is one may be at a stage where lifestyle change is necessary to protect health or to save life.

The online health boot camp is organized for computer users to experience lifestyle changes without the cost or trip of a traditional boot camp.

It is a hands-on method of learning to develop a healthy lifestyle.  For just a day or two attendees get to see what it’s like, identify the barriers and start working towards the right goals.

The health boot camp is usually organized to coincide with an important event for further health awareness.

Attendees get to preview each boot camp to prepare. On the day of the camp they follow instructions given at the camp site and evaluate their performance by adding or subtracting points as they go along.

The obstacles are to overcome certain health challenges.

A certain amount of discipline is required to be honest and to evaluate performance.

Those who can’t attend the camp can also learn to develop a personalized health toolkit.

The camp and all that are involved are free, it’s affordable to anyone.