Breast Self-Examination

Posted on January 8, 2011


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It is easier to treat breast cancer if it is found early enough.

Regular breast examination from your doctor and mammograms are effective in detecting the disease and can save lives.

Although it is controversial, some experts recommend self examination once a month to look for changes and lumps.

 Self examination is not a substitute for medical screenings, but they can keep you in tune with your health, they can contribute to early detection.

 The Self Examination

The best time to examine the breast is 3-5 days after a period.

Firstly- Lie on your back. Placing your right hand behind your head, with the middle fingers of your left hand examine the entire right breast. With fingertips together press down using small circular motions. Feel for any lumps or thickness. Make sure you cover the entire breast. Then while sitting or standing examine the arm pit. Check for any discharge by gently squeezing the nipple.

Repeat the above process for the left breast, by placing the left hand behind your head.

Next- Stand in front of the mirror with your arms by your side. Look directly at the breasts for changes in texture. Check for any abnormal shape or contour such as: Orange peel skin Puckering Indentations Nipple turning inward Dimpling…

 Repeat this process with arms raised above your head.

 Any changes can then be discussed with your doctor right away.

Further you can participate in reducing health risk factors that cause disease and illness. The consumer health education program prepares people to prevent cancers and other diseases.