Too Much Meat- A Health Risk

Posted on November 4, 2010


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Eating meat no  more than three times per week  could save 45,000 lives per year, according to a recent research report.  These lives are lost to heart disease, cancer and strokes and can be prevented.

The study analysed the health consequences of a range of diets for their report.

Industrialized countries have the highest consumption of meat and the highest rate of colon cancer.

Saturated fat, a dietary risk risk factor is easily consumed through meat and dairy products.

These are evidence against excessive meat intake.

Our Healthy Eating Guide has the daily requirements for Meat products, the number of servings and portion sizes. The daily requirement for Meat & Meat Alternatives  is 15o g.

Meat alternatives such as fish, eggs, legumes,nuts, peanuts  and peanut butter can be substituted for red meat  for a healthier choice without the health risk and fat.

Lowering the  meat intake to 70g per day is not only realistic, but cheaper and healthier.

Learn how to use healthy eating to prevent disease and save lives.

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