Rapid Weight Loss VS Gradual Weight loss

Posted on July 22, 2010


Researchers have reported that rapid weight loss may be more effective in controlling obesity.

At the University of Melbourne in Australia, researchers compared participants on a rapid weight loss diet with those on a gradual weight loss one.

Those on the rapid weight loss diet would lose about 3 pounds per week over a 12 week period.
Those on the gradual weight loss would lose 1 pound per week over a 36 week period.

The results showed that 78% of participants on the rapid diet met their target, while only 48% of those on the gradual diet did.

The study however did not prove long term success with the rapid weight loss, and more research is required.
Healthy eating and exercise remain key lifestyle habits with any plan. Experts agree that a loss of 10% of body weight is realistic and better for healthy weight control.

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