Some Important Facts About Controlling Tobacco Use

Posted on May 31, 2010


May 31 each year is World No Tobacco Day. This year the theme is- “Gender and tobacco with an emphasis on marketing to women.”

Some factors that can affect the control of tobacco use are:

Help For Tobacco Users

Few people understand the actual health risks associated with tobacco use . According to a survey done in China, 37% of smokers knew that smoking causes heart disease but only 17% knew it also causes strokes.  There is a  definite need for health awareness and public education.

 National health care initiatives in support of smoking cessation are available in only 17 countries, 8.2% of the population. There is no assistance in 29% of low income countries.

Inspite of these shortfalls most smokers who are aware of the dangers of tobacco smoke want to quit.

A patient health education program such as ours teaches people the health risks of tobacco smoke and prepares smokers to quit.  We need to reach more  people to increase awareness.

Pictorial Warnings

According to research studies pictorial warnings increase people’s awareness.  Hard hitting anti-tobacco ads and graphic warnings on packs reduce the number of children who begin and increase the number who quit.  Only 19 countries, 24% of the world’s population mandate pictorial warnings.

Advertising Bans

Bans placed on advertising and promoting  tobacco use  can reduce consumption, yet only 26 countries, 8.8 % of the world’s population have comprehensive national bans on advertising.

In March the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) made a final ruling on the sale, distribution and use ofcigarettes and smokeless tobacco.  The ruling  will require that most tobacco advertising  and labelling be in black text on white background. This  became a subject of litigation while a Kentuck court stopped the provision from going into effect.

Read some of the restrictions that got passed