Combination Of Drugs Effective For Chronic Pain

Posted on October 18, 2009


According to a recent research report published online, a combination of an antidepressant and an anti-seizure drug is more efffective in relieving chronic pain.

The study was a randomized control trial of 56 people who were enrolled and treated at 1 site in Canada. Participants had either:

  1. Diabetic polyneur0therapy
  2. Postherpetic neuragia- nerve pain that can follow a case of shingles

All patients tried each drug and the combination drug during the six week treatment period.  pain was measured at the start of the study. The average was 5.4

Pain was measured at the maximum tolerated dose. The averages were:

  • 3.2 for the anti-seizure
  • 2.9 for the antidepressant
  • 2.3 for the combination of the two drug.

Conclusion: The combination nortryptiline and gabapentin is more effective than each drug used alone. The combination also appear to improve sleep interference.