Too Many Overweight Preschoolers

Posted on August 31, 2009


According to the result of a recent study without intervention the next  generation will be at very high risk for heart disease, hypertension, cancers, joint pain and other related obesity problems.

The reason- About 1/2 million 4 year olds are obese, about 1:5 Americans.

Researchers analysed height and weight data  of 8,550 pre-schoolers born on 2001. Children were measured in their homes.  The Numbers of children considerd obese by race are:

  • Asians: 13%
  • Whites : 16%
  • Blacks: 21%
  • Hispanics: 22%
  • American Indians: 31%

Our health program uses health risk factors to teach people to take care of their health.   Obesity is one of these health risk factors.