Complementary/Alternative Medicine Use Important

Posted on January 18, 2009


Medical experts are struck by how many are using Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the USA.

The study by the National Health Interview  Survey in 2007 reported findings similar to that of 2002. Data was collected from:

1- 23,300 adults were interviewed about their  own use of Complementary/Alternative medicine

2- 9,400 adults were interviewed about the use of Complementary/Alternative medicine by their children.


Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicines in the USA is up 38% in 2007  from 36% in 2002.

17.7%  percent use natural products such as: glucosamine, echinacea, ginseng

CAM use is greater:

  • Among women
  • Those with  higher  levels of education
  • Those who are not poor
  • Those who live in  the West
  • Those who have quit smoking

Medical experts believe it is important that health care providers talk to their patients about (CAM)

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