Link Between Psychiatric Disorders & Suicide

Posted on December 19, 2008


A new study shows that those who attempt suicide and suffer from: bi-polar depression, schizophrenia or major depression are at high risk of succeeding within a year of the first attempt.
The study involved 40,000 individuals from 1973-1982, who had been hospitalized in a swedish facility with attempted suicide (53% are women).
They analysed:
1-How many suicides were completed
2-If the risks varied with specific psychiatric disorders.

With Bi-polar
ddisorder-64% of all suicides in men and 42% of all suicides in women occured in the first year.
With Schizophrenia-56% of all male suicides and 54% of alll female occured in the first year.

The call is for a prevention program to target thse specific groups